In the United States there are over 6 million vehicle accidents every single single year.1 It is now estimated that over 15% of these accidents are related to poorly maintained tyres. Most drivers are simply unaware that a tyres lifetime is roughly 24,000 miles.2 Thankfully there are now savvy ways to snap up bargains on top brands of tyres around the nation. To get access to wholesale level prices such as buy 3 get 1 free on high quality tyres try a simple online search.

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Car Accidents On The Rise

The United States is a very busy place for vehicles and with over 227.5million drivers in the country it is no wonder of the high accident rate.3 This level of traffic is high and its important to understand safety regulations in the automotive industry. Skipping maintenance on your tyres may not just prove fatal for you but also your family so its important to keep them regularly updated. Winter months in America can prove very dangerous on the roads as ice sheets and water are slippery on bald tyres.

Which Type Of Tyres Are Safest?

Tyres are the only part of your vehicle that remain in contact with the road. Not just your braking or acceleration is dependent on this process but also your ability to steer the vehicle. The importance of properly maintained tyres is of paramount status but so to is correctly choosing the right tyres for your vehicle. There are a few simple checks you can do at home to check the status of your tyres including checking air pressure, thread condition and mileage.

How Often Should I Check My Tyres?

Now there is no need to check your tyres every single time you get in your car but getting in the habit of routine checks is a good practice. If you wash your car every week or fortnightly after hosing down your tyres a close check could save your life. Checking every 2 weeks for cuts, bulges, cracking in the walls, punctures or bald patches can keep your vehicle in safe operating standards.

How To Get Deals For Tyres Online?

Many consumers are simply unaware of the amazing deals you can score online for tyre shopping. Just like many other industries car part manufacturers and tyre suppliers are also beginning to sell more online. There are deals you can not get in store only being offered online but understanding which tyre you need is important. Some of these websites even include a directory for searching for your current vehicle and the perfect tyre choice for it. With tyre producers often updating their products every single year you can get deals on previous models which are still amazing quality.

Summer Or Winter Tyres?

With such different effects of seasons on our roads its important to understand the choice of tyres. Standard tyres are of the summer tyres which are given appropriate levels of grip but still have enough grooves to pass water through them in sudden rains. If you’re in a city or state that often has snowfall in Winter you may need to opt for Winter tyres too. These types of tyres come with much thicker grooves allowing easier control of the vehicle in slippery conditions. These grooves are called sipes and they dramatically improve traction of your tyre on the asphalt surface.

Which Brands Should I Choose?

With such a broad choice of tyres and manufacturers it can be difficult to understand which is right for you. In fact there is no one choice fits all as not only does the brand of your car make a difference but the state you live in too. Premium tyre producers like Michelin and Pirelli offer some world class level tyres but often with a hefty price tag too. If budget is not of a concern than these brands are some of the best in the world and even used by high performance sport vehicles. Typically however as a family car or everyday driver choose cars with long lifetime and added safety features should be the primary concern. Some of the better tyre brands for choosing in 2022 are Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli.

Some Online Stores Even Do Fitting For You

Now another added bonus to shopping online for car tyres is some will even offer dedicated mobile tyre fitting in their service. Some of these companies have a fleet of vans which will come and deliver your tyres but for an added fee will also fit them perfectly to your vehicle. Its always worth looking at a few different sellers when it comes to anything car related because there are deals to be scored.

Get Your Cheap Deal On New Tyres Now

To keep you and your family safe its important to always maintain your vehicle properly. Not just from an engine point of view but properly maintaining tyres is one of the most important features of car safety. If you want to view the best deals on new car tyres for your exact vehicle try an online search today.

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