These days just about everything is done online and technology continues to become a part of our daily lives. The US Bureau of Statistics now states that online marketing jobs will increase 10% by 2030.1 Thankfully, it’s now easier (and cheaper!) than ever to get an online marketing degree from top colleges. So what are the benefits of an online marketing degree?

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You’ll Learn The Skills Employers Want

Traditionally universities and course designers create long duration courses which touch on many topics. Many students often complain that too much time is wasted in this process and that they should be just focusing on what they need to know. Online marketing degrees are fantastic choices in 2022 simply because they’re focused in one of the most rapidly developing industries. Employers are looking for ways to boost their online presence and expand to greater audiences but lack the knowledge to do so. Such skills as managing online marketing campaigns, hiring influencers, design skills and people management are highly sought after skills that make up the bulk of online marketing degrees.

Social Media Skills Rapidly Transforms Your Career

According to the Sales Management Association someone with knowledge in social media sales can use social media 78% better than their peers.2 This huge gap is one of the main reasons to why the job potential from an online marketing degree is one of the highest in all industries right now. With a degree in online marketing, you are not only teaching yourself how to use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for marketing but also understand the analytics and sales funnels necessary to make a campaign successful.

Learn How To Use Social Media And Paid Advertising

Some of the biggest companies in the world right now are Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter and TikTok. All of these companies offer advertising models which can help to expand a business audience and find more customers through engaging content. Online marketing degrees teach you the ins and outs of successful campaigns used on these platforms. Knowing how to navigate social media and create convincing campaigns is a highly sought after skill that will greatly enhance your job security.

You Can Make A Big Salary Right Out The Gates

One of the most beneficial parts of becoming an online marketing specialist is that you can command big salaries right away. Traditionally it can take years if not decades to break into the 6 figure salaries in other industries by working your way up the corporate ladder. In fact online marketing specialists in the USA can earn $125,230* base salaries!3

What Will You Learn From These Degrees?

You will learn everything you need to know about online marketing from successful campaigns to effective strategies used by the world’s top companies. In addition, topics such as social media, web design, coding and people skills are also covered in these courses. The skills required for this course include creative thinking, critical thinking, analytical skills and creative problem solving.

Online Marketing Degrees Are Truly Flexible

It is now easier than ever to study an online marketing degree from the comfort of your own home. No need to spend hours commuting or being away from family and friends. These days many universities offer accredited online marketing degrees which are truly flexible. You can often design your own schedule around work and life commitments, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice your current lifestyle to up skill yourself.

You Will Have A Competitive Edge Against Other Candidates

In such a rapidly developing industry, it is hard to keep up with the latest trends and technologies if you don’t have a degree in online marketing. By having an online marketing degree, you will be ahead of the pack and have a competitive edge against other candidates. Many businesses are now starting to require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in online marketing or related field.

There Are So Many Different Career Paths With An Online Marketing Degree

An online marketing degree offers you so many different career paths to choose from. You could be an online marketer, a social media specialist, an email marketing coordinator, a web designer or even a digital project manager. The list is endless! You can also use your online marketing degree to start your own business or consult for other businesses.

These Skills Are Transferrable To Become Your Own Boss

Another big upside to learning online marketing skills is that you can begin to learn in traditional roles of employment before moving onto your own business. Becoming your own boss is a very popular route to financial stability in 2022 and having online marketing skills is one of most important drivers of business success.

How To Apply Now For Online Marketing Degrees

With many top universities and colleges doing cheap degrees in online marketing, its never been easier to get into this lucrative career. With such high demand for online marketing specialists, people who are considering this career should consider getting a degree as soon as possible. Spots are highly limited for new year and mid year intakes. If you think online marketing is the perfect occupation for you and want to learn more about obtaining a degree simply search online.

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