There has never been an easier time to get whatever food you’re craving delivered to your door. Virtually any cuisine, any dish can be prepared and delivered to you by some of the leading restaurants in your area. The technology of food delivery services is making it accessible to everyone so here are the 5 most popular food delivery services.

How Do Food Delivery Services Work?

Most food delivery services work in a very similar way and can be broken down into three main steps.

Step 1: Ordering Food

Most food delivery services have a website, app, or both where you can browse the huge selection of options from different restaurants. In addition to browsing menus, you can search by dish type or location, make a reservation at a restaurant, order straight from its menu directly on their website/app and more.

Step 2: Delivery

The delivery service handles the actual delivery of the food to your home. The app will show you a map of nearby drivers and their estimated arrival times and you can see the progress of your order every step of the way. Most services also allow you to track your order using GPS in case you want to know exactly when it will arrive. After ordering, some services even offer discounts on added items such as dessert if they are ordered at the same time as your main dish.

Step 3: Paying

When the delivery service arrives at your home, they will hand you a box or bag with your food ready to eat. You pay the fee associated with the service when you receive the food. Most services charge a flat fee for delivery of one order at exactly once time per day. Others charge by the mile so if your order goes over one mile it will add to your bill. Certain services may also add a tip onto your bill if you wish to give one. Many of these food delivery services will ask you to bill using a credit card on purchase but some will offer cash on delivery options too.

Uber Eats

One of the largest food delivery services in the world Uber Eats is a brand most people will be familiar with. The company allows users in any city to order food in real time for delivery directly to their doorstep. The application is so simple to use and will send notifications as your food is being prepared and when its ready for delivery or pick up. This food delivery service also offers a program called Uber Eats Rewards which over time can add up to rewards for saving on future meals. You can download Uber Eats app off the iPhone or Android app stores and it is very simple to use.

Find the Uber Eats app for iPhone and Android here.


Grubhub is available in over 3200 US cities and delivers food to over 300 million people per week. Prices depend on the dish category, distance, day of the week, and time of night. Grubhub offers over 30 different delivery options to choose from including traditional carry out meals, customized orders made to order. It is known for being very flexible with its delivery options so you can expect customizing to be easy.

Find the GrubHub app for iPhone and Android here.


Doordash is another hugely popular food delivery service . It is available in over 800 cities across the US. It offers traditional food delivery, to-go meals, grab-and-go meals, deliveries from local restaurants to your home, food delivery made to order and more. Prices depend on the distance you are ordering from, type of meal or dish you are ordering and whether it is a one time order only or an every day order. Just like GrubHub, Doordash can allow people to pick up their food to as an option.

Find the DoorDash app for iPhone and Android here.


Seamless food delivery is also owned by GrubHub . It is available in over 2200 US cities at the time of writing. Similar to GrubHub, Seamless offers delivery options that can be customized to your needs. Seamless is known for catering to vegetarians, vegans and/or gluten free diets.

Find the Seamless app for iPhone and Android here.


Postmates is an on-demand food delivery service that is available in over 200 US cities. The service operates in the same manner as GrubHub and Seamless with various options to choose from. Postmates offers to-go meals, grab-and-go meals, walk-up orders, food delivery made to order and more. Prices depend on the distance you are ordering from, type of meal or dish you are ordering and whether it is a one time order only or an every day order.

Find the Postmates app for iPhone and Android here.