As Americas older generations head into retirement there is now a major shortage of mechanics. The demand for workers in this industry is so high that they’re now subsidising education for accelerated training. The salary of car mechanics is higher than ever at $75,422 per year.1 Paid training is also being offered by top companies in the country to create more skilled mechanics. Spots are limited so the best time to search and get started is now.

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The Shortage Of Mechanics Needs Fixing!

Mechanics play a vital role in the economy and keeping society moving as cars still are the most common mode of transport. With younger generations focused on different career pathways in America there is now a shortage appearing in skilled mechanics. In fact a recent study suggested that by the end of 2024 there will be over 600,000 available jobs in the automotive repair space.2 This number is unsettling to senior economists and there is now a wave of hiring for future generations.

Why Is There A Mechanics Shortage All Of A Sudden?

The main answer to this is simply retirement as babyboomers and generations around this era are looking to retirement. More citizens are following career pathways through universities and having problems finding a job in engineering or architecture but professional trades like mechanics and plumbers are begging for workers. The car industry is changing and the introduction of electronics into the workspace is ever more increasing. People who can use technology and repair cars will be a very sought after employee in the coming years.

Why Be A Mechanic?

The mechanic industry is one of the most secure sectors with a very bright future. It is not an industry which will be automated any time soon as there are too many variables when it comes to repairing cars. With such high demand for workers, mechanic salaries have increased significantly in recent years and are now averaging at $75,422 per year. Many top mechanic companies are also offering paid training to gain new recruits into the fold as they know this is a sector which will only grow in popularity.

Top Car Repair Companies Are Hiring Now

There are many nation leading car repair companies looking to hire people from all walks of life to help fill demand. To work in in this industry you will need to have the required skills. The process is much simpler than people realize and there are many agencies which can help with the application to get educated as a mechanic.

Which Cities Need Mechanics The Most?

There are mechanic shortages in every state but some are worse than others. California, Texas, Florida and New York have the highest demand for mechanics with many companies offering a signing bonus to sweeten the deal. If you’re interested in living in one of these states or are looking to move there then mechanic could be the perfect career for you.

Interested In Learning To Be Mechanic?

Now there is not just jobs available for qualified mechanics but also emphasis is being placed on training up the future workforce. Paid training is being offered by top institutions which not only offer in class education but on site education too. Covering your education fees and then transferring you into the workforce straight after is a ready made opportunity for high salary work. There is a long term job security aspect to being a mechanic as many people provide a great living for their family on mechanics wages.

Skills Required To Be A Mechanic In 2022?

  • Punctual and On Time – as you will be working to schedules and need to arrive on time for bookings as these companies require a strong work ethic for employment.
  • Organizational Skills – as a mechanic you will have to juggle multiple tasks at the same time and keep on top of what needs to be done. Managing multiple vehicles being repaired and multiple parts being repaired in a vehicle can be challenging but very rewarding.
  • People Skills – many customers will not be happy about their car being in the shop so good customer service skills are essential to keep emotions in check.
  • IT Literate – with cars becoming more and more electronic it is important that mechanics can understand how to use basic IT tools. These tools will easily be taught to you from people working at the company already and the majority of mechanics can use them with ease so do not worry.
  • Diagnostic Skills – being able to quickly identify the problem and provide a solution is key in mechanic work. Using diagnostic tools can help identify the problems much faster then poking around the engine all day yourself.

Get Your Perfect Mechanics Job In The USA Today

Mechanical work is an essential part of society and vital skills are needed to ensure citizens can drive, transport and pick up supples for their families. Apply now for immediate placement in an mechanics apprenticeship program or to find available jobs in the USA right now.

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