One of the most stable employment opportunities in the world economy right now is call centre jobs. With average hourly pays exceeding $17 an hour people around the globe are rushing to take employment roles abroad. Find the best position available now.

Many leading businesses in America rely on customer support from around the globe to keep their business functioning. The benefits of this employment are vast so read on to learn how you can land your perfect call centre job today.

american call centre jobs

American Companies Rely On Call Centres

The call centre industry for US business is huge, in fact this industry employs over 3.3 million people every year.1 Major companies like AT&T, Wells Fargo, Verizon, Bank of America and Geico rely heavily on properly trained call centre staff to handle their day to day consumer support. To handle the rapidly growing economy of the US many of these companies are hiring abroad to help ease demand of customer support.

The Top Benefits Of Call Centre Employment

No Prior Experience

When it comes to call centre work you really don’t need any specific skills. If you can speak into a phone and handle basic communication this job is already for you. Passing a basic interview with an employer will involve answering some simple questions and if you show confidence in your speech the job is in your favor.

Improve Your Service Skills

Because you will talk to people every day the more you talk, the better your conversational skills will become. Many people in the industry have noted their low confidence in dealing with human interaction but with a small amount of practice they’re amazing communicators. Having this skill of interaction with random humans is incredibly good for your life and future roles of employment.

No Discrimination

Unlike other roles of employment call centre jobs actually have no discrimination. Call centre jobs will accept people from all walks of life, different age groups, ethnicities, body sizes or gender. Call centres will usually have staff from all ages from 18 all the way to over 60 so if you’re needing some fast employment opportunities this is a great start. The major thing most employers will be looking at is the basic understanding of English which is the major language of American call centre jobs.

Quick Promotion

If you’re good at what you do call centres are known for rapid promotion. The secret to getting promoted in many circumstances is being a team player and being friendly to all staff in the workplace. If you have a strong work ethic and determined to be a good customer service representative its easy to score higher pay checks fast.

Work From Home

With the pandemic disrupting so many office spaces around the globe one of the major perks of this employment is working from home. If you have a good phone connection you can take customer support calls even from your loungeroom. Just don’t get caught slacking or being lazy, but if you have a good work routine from home you can save on commute times and other vehicle expenses.

Diverse Marketplace

Another huge benefit of call centre jobs is the vast and diverse marketplace you can be involved in. Call centres are literally the backbone of most major industries in the world from telecommunications to energy, retail to fashion, travel and even food based business. If you have passion in a certain industry you may be able to land a job that suits your interests easier.

Flexible Working Hours

Call centres operate on different time schedules according to each business. Some opt to run for 24 hours a day while some prefer to operate during business hours 9am-5pm. The different hour schedules means if you’re someone who fancies to work in the morning or at night this sort of employment may benefit you. It is easier to create a work-life balance with this scheduling ability if you have a busy family or other commitments you must make too.

High Median Pay Rates

American call centre jobs have a very strong median payment rate. With average base hourly rates of $14-17 this job is popular amongst abroad workers. Working for the same company and showing strong work ethic can land you managerial roles in the company with even higher rates. If you begin to manage your own customer support team you can earn $25+ an hour or even be placed on fixed salaries each year.

The American Call Centre Employment Checklist

– Speak English?
– Prefer night or daytime work?
– Prefer work from home or office job?
– Any prior skills, maybe technical skills or service skills?
– Prior Experience in call centres?
– Ready to work now?

These American Call Centres Are Hiring Now

To support the rapidly growing economy of North America added resources into call centre staff is priority. Huge brands around the globe are hunting for staff to help fulfil technical and customer support for their products and services. If you have decent English skills and nice manners this opportunity is something to relish on. To find the best available positions in your locality today an online search can help to identify roles available now.