For many people moving to a new country can be exciting and life changing. However if you fall ill or suffer from an accident medical bills can leave enormous debts without the right insurance. Its incredibly important that you assess your own personal needs when choosing the right healthcare insurance. Thankfully with a simple online search you can reveal the best rates and policies in your chosen country to live in.

healthcare insurance for expats

What Happens If You Don’t Have Health Insurance?

Lets think about this for a second, you’re driving your car along the road and suddenly an accidental driver hits your car. Now there is a high chance already that someone has called an ambulance, this ambulance will then take you to a hospital. In this hospital you may be scanned for broken bones or other injuries and if you require surgery in come the doctors. If you truly add this up the cost is frightening and for many expats this nightmare has become real. In fact in some countries around the world without the right healthcare insurance you could literally be up for $100,000+ in medical bills!

What Exactly Is Health Insurance For Expats?

Insurance companies and policy makers will create insurance models for expats moving to new countries. Because you may not be a citizen of your new country you will need special insurances to make sure you’re covered for medical bills. This type of insurance usually covers not just medical emergencies but also preventative healthcare if you’re begin to suffer any illness or just want to see a doctor for a checkup. You must be aware that this type of insurance is not travel insurance, its health insurance for expats.

How Does Healthcare Insurance Work For Expats?

  • Its made for people who’re intending to move abroad or living long term in another country other than your country of origin.
  • It works like your traditional medical insurance in your originating country.
  • It can cover treatments like cancer, pregnancy, mental health services if you select the right plan.
  • You can continue to renew these policies while living overseas and adding in extras that you may have missed.

What Should You Look For When Choosing Healthcare Insurance?

  • Flexibility in plans and pricing, it should be able to mould to your personal health requirements.
  • Wellness care and also emergency care should be included in your plan.
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital visits is an important aspect to look for in your coverage.
  • Large network of doctors and health professionals to choose from so you’re not limited to a small range of medical professionals. Sometimes insurance companies make you select from doctors with a very long waiting time which can be detrimental to your health.
  • Good customer support and multilingual service because if your native language is not spoken it can be extremely difficult to know what is going on.

Which Countries Are Most Popular For Expats With Health Insurance?

For those living in the United States especially need to make sure they’re covered for the right medical insurances. Healthcare in the USA is extremely pricey and if not covered you may have to pay up to 33% of your bill upfront to even have an operation!

Other countries for having the right healthcare insurance for expats are Canada, China, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy and France. But we highly suggest no matter which country you’re living in having health insurance is a top priority because the prices of unexpected injuries or health problems are enormous.

Travelling For Medical Treatments?

Another aspect think about is the quality of doctors globally and the pricing structures. The quality of the doctors in the country was the most important factor in decision making to engage in medical tourism, according to the International Medical Travel Journal’s 2019 report.1

Every Country Offers Different Policies

Healthcare around the world varies tremendously and it can be difficult to give advice for any specific country without knowing the ins and outs. But this still means its equally as crucial to have your healthcare insurance sorted no matter what country you’re living in. Thats why we have gathered as much information as possible to help guide you to the best prices and rates for expat health insurance.

Get Your Personal Healthcare Insurance For Expats Today

No matter what country you’re choosing to move too healthcare insurance is a vital component to a healthy life and effective retirement. Do not risk unexpected injury or sickness to unravel your plans from enjoying your new scenery. If you have a family it is even more so important to make sure you’re protected. Thankfully an online search can help to reveal the best rates in your country without having to sift through lots of information.

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