There are currently over 1.8million waiters and waitresses employed in the United States with a large amount being foreigners.1 Each year there are over 407,600 new job openings available with most still available for foreigners this year. To see which full time and part time positions are available right now try an online search.

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Hospitality Is Vital To America’s Economy

Most people in the world love to go out with friends or family and enjoy a quality meal or delicious beverage. Finding staff has been an issue for along time for restaurants and hotels but the pandemic has not made this any easier. Currently there are over 400,000 jobs in America available to foreigners looking to work and live in America. The skills needed for waiters and waitresses require no prior education so it is a good opportunity for many people.

What Does This Job Entail?

Being a waiter or waitress in America is basically the same as any other country around the world. You essentially take orders for food and beverages and serve them when ready having a good and quick relationship with the customer. Providing good customer service is important to making sure a customer will return so employers are looking for staff with a friendly attitude. If you’re seeking employment as a waiter or waitress in America as a foreigner you should list these skills on your resume.

  • Knowing Menu Items – Having a good memory of what is available on the menu is important when discussing with a customer. Many times a customer will come in to a new restaurant with no idea what is on the menu or what is popular in the restaurant. Knowing the menu and the items involved will help to pick the right food for the customer even if they have certain food intolerances. Listing on your resume when applying for the employment that you have a good memory will help to boost your chances of being chosen.
  • Food Safety And Handling – Knowing how to handle food safely is important in America as the rules are more strict from the Health officials. Having proper hygiene and washing your hands regularly can help to keep the restaurant and customers free from any stomach bugs and other illness. Ever since the last few years its become even more important to keep on top of this and its good for your own wellbeing too.
  • Good Listening – Each customer represents a unique relationship as everyone has their own preferred flavors, food allergies and even personality. Sometimes customers can be a bit rude so its important to keep your smile and just complete your role of work and not get angry back. Having good listening skills and carefully listening to what your customer requires will help to stop any future issues.
  • Patience – Giving each customer the same service and experience can be a bit draining sometimes but its important for the business you’re working at. Having patience to carefully breakdown a menu with a customer or listen to what they have to say is part of this employment. Although you still need to be multi task and move quickly moving food around the restaurant its still ideal to slow down and make sure the customers needs are met.

Tips For Waiters And Waitresses

Many people already know about the employment situation for hospitality in America and how it heavily relies on tips. Standard wages for this role are in the $15 an hour but tips can boost this well above $22 an hour. Being friendly towards customers and treating them with respect can reward you with higher than average tips. Some of the best cities for tips include New York, Boston, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Chicago.

How To Get An American Visa?

If you’re granted work through a restaurant or other hospitality company the United States can offer you a working visa. But first you must receive a working notice of employment and then you can apply for a working visa through the US government websites. Applying to many different restaurants and agencies online can help to boost your chances of employment. With over 400,000 jobs available there is many applicants who will be successful and being able to work in America as an immigrant is an opportunity not to be missed.

Get Your Waiter or Waitress Job In America Today

If you’re ready to live and work in America and want to work in the buzzing environment of a restaurant, cafe or bar now is your chance. There is a large amount of jobs that have not been filled this year and employers are low on staff. To view the latest job offerings for both full time or part time employment try a simple online search.

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