Few gifts say “I love you” as much as a diamond ring, in fact its one of life’s most significant purchases in more ways than one. A truly monumental gift of special commitment that often comes with a price tag that can make your legs feel weak. Don’t be disheartened by cost as there are affordable options for amazing diamond rings thanks to revolutionary crafting practices.

We understand the concept of affordable is subjective as budgets differ but using the tips in this article you can make the most of yours with an amazing stone.

Finding The Perfect Ring… For Less

When it comes to finding your perfect ring there are some certain steps to make sure you’re getting the best rock for your hard earned dollars. It might also be good to sneakily hint at your partners preference, knowing what specifics will help you nail down the options.

Calculate Your Budget

Carefully selecting your budget is paramount in your journey of shopping for a diamond ring. There really is no set rule to what you should spend on this occasion, but blowing the bank is not ideal either especially for younger couples in this current economy. It’s a fine balance between the right investment and not over splurging on a materialistic view of the relationship. One big tip is to not go into debt for this ring, plain and simple this is a poor choice and will likely cause stress down the track.

Lab Grown Diamonds Can Save You Big Bucks

Once a daydreamers thought is now a fully viable option as lab grown diamonds have been advancing technology for the last few years. Lab grown diamonds are indistinguishable from naturally formed diamonds. They’re visually, physically and chemically indifferent to diamonds found in raw earth. The lab grown practice uses extreme pressurised systems to create diamonds that would have otherwise taken millennia to form under the earths crust.

Its been estimated that a lab grown diamond will save you around 30% to traditional diamonds1. Not to mention you will be voting in a civil rights matter as traditional diamond trade tends to use high methods of extortion in developing countries.

Shop Online Over Store Bought

It is not perfectly possible to source custom made diamond rings of all sorts online. Removing the need for personal viewing and high rent costs of jewellery stores shopping online definitely has its benefits. Browsing around stores online can save you 30-50% off the price of rings available in stores. Other benefits of shopping online include:

No Pressure: Shop anonymously and comfortably exiting the store as you please without the added pressure of a salesmen.

Huge Selection: You can virtually find any ring size, various gem, gold bands, silver bands, platinum bands you name it. Online diamond ring suppliers can make your custom ring a dream come true.

Benefit From The Specific Diamond Cut

Now when it comes to diamond ring shopping, the larger the stone tends to come with it a higher price tag. But the beauty of diamonds is in the spectacle itself. Paying fine attention to the craftsmanship of the stone can work wonders as the light shimmers from the individual cuttings and lines. Often smaller diamond stones that have been carefully curated to have additional lines and edges can look amazing to the eye when compared to larger stones without polishing touches. Opting for oval and oblong (rectangular) shapes can benefit a diamond to make it appear bigger.

Downsize The Carats

One of the best tips we’ve ever come across for diamond ring shopping is paying attention to the carat sizing. A wholesalers tip is to understand that Diamonds sold in whole carat sizes like 1.0 or 0.5 are traditionally more expensive then a diamond that is 0.47 carats or even 0.97 carats2. Expensive pieces like to be exact carat numbers so the ones that are marginally less come at a discounted price. Best of all, you will never be able to tell the difference unless you were a diamond expert using a microscope!

Sapphire Is Just As Beautiful

When it comes to engagement rings you do not have to be locked in a box of diamond or nothing. There are numerous other stones that have “I love you” written all over them including a popular favourite sapphire. This amazing blue stone has been used for centuries to mark wealth and beauty and offered as gifts. Sapphires actually come in varying color ways too and can be sourced in pale yellows or pink.

Second Hand Rings

Benefit from someone else’s previous treasure. Recycling materials is something we should be more common to in the modern world and there is no forfeiting the engagement experience by using a second hand ring. With a huge array of second hand rings available from stores like: Ebay, Etsy, Pawnshops, Vintage and Antique stores or even Facebook Marketplace.

Find Your Perfect Ring Now

If you’re in the market for a ring that will stop your partners heart and scream YES then you need to see these local prices for immaculate rings.

See Affordable Diamond Rings Near You

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