Cybercrime is expected to cost the world $10.5trillion by 2025 experts have revealed.1 With 3.5million jobs in the cyber security space going unfilled in 2021 paid training is being offered by top companies.2 Spots are limited and going fast for fully paid training so to see what is available search online.

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Paid Training For Cyber Security

With so many courses available online it has become simple and easy to train up the required skills for cyber security. Computer science has become accessible to many more people as it does not require raw coding skills like before. The easy to use interfaces of many applications now make it easier to train up this skill.

Cybercrime Is On The Rise

Companies are facing more threats everyday from malware and other types of cybercrime than any other time in history. Encrypting and keeping information safe for governments and businesses has become paramount in protecting society. To curb the increase of threats online and the unfilled jobs globally many companies are now offering paid training. The demand for these experts is huge and alarming and if you’re interested in this field the opportunity is great.

What Does A Cyber Security Specialist Do?

Cyber security specialists perform a number of different jobs to help protect the systems and networks used around the world. They use their skills, knowledge and experience to find security vulnerabilities in a variety of platforms and work with other IT professionals to resolve these issues. As technology expands these positions carry on growing as businesses need qualified individuals to ensure the protection of all online systems from attacks from both external hackers and also insider threats.

What Skills Do You Need For Cyber Security?

  • Problem Solving – You must be able to see the problem and analyse all the data before making a good decision.
  • Communication Skills – Must be able to communicate with other computer experts to stay on top of situations. Teamwork is essential in the cyber security space as online threats are mostly made of hacking teams.
  • Reading Data – This refers to being able to see patterns, trends, and anomalies in data. This is required by the problem solving skill.
  • Computer Science – The ability to learn how technology works in an efficient way is a very important skill for a cyber security specialist. Computer science will also prove useful when working on your problems solving skills, because you’ll have the right tools and software at hand.
  • Motivation – To keep learning is necessary and motivation to learn more is vital for growth in this industry.
    Intuition – You must always be thinking about protecting your company’s data so planning ahead and reacting quickly is necessary.
  • Dedication – Time management will be a key factor as if you do not work effectively your security may be compromised.

Benefits Of Cyber Security Jobs?

  • High Earning Potential – Cyber security employees can earn very well compared to other industries with average hourly rates of $31-38.3 As you climb the ranks of the position and take on more responsibilities the salaries can earn well into the 6 figures per year.
  • Work From Home – Many companies offer positions that allow for remote working so you can still work even if you live far from the office.
  • Paid Training – Many companies are offering paid training programs so you can be put through a course online to become fully qualified in your field. This system allows a large number of people to be trained at the same time, meaning more cyber security jobs available which will increase the demand for skilled workers in this field.
  • High Demand – Cyber security skills are in high demand worldwide, this is due to the growth in online systems and system vulnerabilities. Companies will be struggling for specialists for many years to come so job security is very high for this type of employment.

Which Countries Are Most At Risk?

Many developing countries around the world being exposed to cyber threats are the most at risk. Countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Honduras, Bolivia, Zimbabwe and El Salvador have the lowest scores for protected cyber security right now. But this does not mean that developed nations like the USA are not at threat as well. In fact in the year 2019 it was estimated that online fraud costs the global economy an incredible $5.127 trillion per year.4

Get Paid Training For Cyber Security Today

If you’re interested in becoming a cyber security expert and enjoy technology then now is the perfect time to skill up. Top companies are pouring money into educating employees to have the right skills to tackle the changing technology. Cyberthreats are a real problem to society and you can feel proud in knowing you’re protecting data from threats. To find out what paid training is available search now use this simple resource.

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