With travel restrictions easing in the USA top business colleges are offering international students fully funded MBA’s for 2022 and beyond. With MBA graduates earning an average salary of $165,000 at renowned consulting firms its an opportunity not to be missed.1 Spots are limited so its important to search for your desired course and apply now.

fully funded MBA

What Is An MBA?

An MBA is a graduate business degree that focuses on general management, business strategy, finance, marketing and operations. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration and is a classical pathway into many leading business management or operational roles.

America’s Top Business Schools

Scholarships are available at many schools around the nation but some of America’s business schools rank high in the world. Some of the most sought after MBA’s globally include:

1. Harvard Business School
2. Stanford Graduate School of Business
3. Yale University Graduate School of Management and the Yale School of Management
4. MIT Sloan School of Management
5. Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania
6. NYU Stern School of Business

7 High Paying MBA Industries

Finance: Finance is big business. With current thinking right across the financial landscape it can be assumed that finance will only grow in the future. MBA graduates will have an easier time getting a job in this industry, especially with the recent world wide financial struggles and dependence on accurate financing. An MBA degree majored in finance will also broaden your horizons and therefore open up more opportunities for you in different industries

Marketing: The global market demand for marketing solutions is growing, and so are graduates with a marketing graduate degree like an MBA. Online and E-commerce transactions are seeing the biggest growth in consumer goods, so with the right skills you can get a high paid job in this industry.

Health Care: With an increasing ageing population and issues such as obesity, diabetes and cancer affecting more people than ever before, health care is a growing industry and the demand for graduates with business degrees from leading colleges is on the rise.

Information Technology (IT): If you are interested in innovation, information technology is most likely one of your interests. With developments in the IT sector being consistent, there is a growing demand for graduates with business degrees who are able to analyze and manage this sector.

Real Estate: This sector is huge, especially here in the USA. The real estate industry continues to grow with constant property development and demand for services such as realty, homebuilding and mortgage companies. With more graduates coming on board with MBA degrees from top colleges you will have a much easier time finding a job in this exciting industry.

Consulting: With the world becoming more technology driven more and more people are no longer satisfied with traditional offices where you just sit and receive instructions. As a result consulting operations are booming and top business colleges are offering almost full paid MBA’s for those with a specialist degree in consulting.

Human Resources: With businesses expanding and becoming more complex, the need for qualified and experienced personnel in the human resource department is growing. Human resource departments are having to shift their focus from traditional HR to an integrated approach that brings together personnel, organizational development and other functions. With MBA degrees available as a specialist degree in this industry you will have an excellent chance of getting a high paying job in large corporations worldwide.

Networking Opportunities

When studying for an MBA in America the opportunity for lifelong networking opportunities is high. Extensive travel throughout the USA as well as massive numbers of international students means that you are bound to meet people from many different parts of the world. Whilst networking is something special, being able to make useful contacts whilst on overseas visits is a real benefit. Of course there is no better place to network and build up valuable contacts than in your chosen MBA program.

Why Should I Apply?

Opens Many Pathways – An MBA opens doors to a wide range of careers at global organisations, with a large selection of industries from retail and banking to media and startup. From field research to strategic planning, the skills learned in an MBA are applicable across the business world.

Earn Higher Salaries – MBA graduates can make an average of $30,000 more per year than those without an MBA degree.2

Length of Study For MBA?

An MBA usually takes 2 years to complete, but some can last up to 3 years. The full-time MBA is typically three years, although some programs have four-year degrees.

Full time MBA programs usually take two and a half years to complete; the first semester of full-time MBA is the required summer term. However in recent years some schools are offering two year programs with a one semester break during the summer while others shorten the course into 180 days of classes with a 20 or 30 day break during summer months. The duration of the course is dependant on which college or university is offering and which topics are majored in.

Spots Are Limited

If you think an MBA might suit you and want to broaden your life experiences by studying in America this is an opportunity not to be missed. As the world begins to reopen business colleges in America are looking to stimulate the education economy and offering fully funded MBA’s. To find available positions and apply for them take a search online.

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