If you’re looking for delicious meals delivered to your door that not only are fresh but highly nutritious then this is the right place. It’s safe to say some research would of gone a lone way in helping make sure my older parents kitchen is always full of great tasty meals in the last year. This food delivery for seniors near me articles offers an extensive look into the best options available today!

Considering the changes in the world of the last few years food delivery for seniors has become a very popular service. With new companies emerging all the time offering fresh from the market meals straight to your door it can be quite an effort to make sure grocery budgets are kept in check.

Seniors Are Opting For Ready Made Meals

With consumers choosing to shop online and away from retail stores and supermarkets ready made meals are flying off the shelves. Many services offer restaurant quality meals created by chefs which can be snap lock frozen and delivered in an easy ready to heat format. Many of these services get access to wholesale food pricing and can actually deliver high quality meals at competitive prices even comparing to cooking your own meals. Food delivery for seniors near me is a hassle free way to get access to fresh tasty meals.

Fresh Vs Frozen Meals?

Some seniors prefer the method of assembling their own meals but having a menu and ingredients already sourced for them. Cooking can provide a passionate hobby keeping minds active and aware in the process of creating their own meals. The main difference in fresh vs frozen meals is purely consumer preference as high quality options can be found in both categories. Frozen meals don’t necessarily lack nutrition as well as many modern methods help to keep food nutritious and of high hygiene standards.

Benefits of Seniors Food Delivery Services

Wide Variety: Tastebuds will never be left of boredom as restaurant trained chefs are constantly updating menus across the nation. Seasonal foods are selected as a priority and every cuisine can be catered for. Whether you’re feeling Thai flavours or Seafood Soups ready made meals cover every aspect and you can select different meals every order.

High Quality Ingredients: With many services sourcing directly from wholesale markets and distributors the food is high quality. Perishables in supermarkets often have been sitting for a long time and can become dull and drained especially by the time they’re prepared for meals. Food delivery for seniors near me services will prepare meals and freeze ready to heat and consume at any moment locking in valuable nutrition.

Convenience: Anytime, anywhere. Many of the major food delivery services can deliver you freshly cooked food no matter what time of the day it is. Simply open up the application on your phone or computer and order freshly prepared meals.

Affordable: There are meal delivery options that can cover any budget of a senior citizen. In fact some companies receive grants and subsidies to lower cost towards customers in the mature bracket.

food delivery for seniors near me

The Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen is a company that delivers prepared meal kits to your door. These packages includes a variety of containers all labelled with easy to read instructions. The best thing about Snap Kitchen is they provide a big list of different breakfast, lunch and dinner options. You can manually select your own choice of which meals you’d like to eat each delivery so boring food menus is a thing of the past.

All the meals are gluten free and can be easily added on with extras like a boiled egg, saffron rice, snacks or extra protein sources. Simply heat the package and its ready to serve.

You can get packages to include 6 to 12 meals per week. The 6 meal plan works out to roughly $11 per meal and the 12 meal plan will lower the price to about $9.60 per meal.

To view their entire range visit www.snapkitchen.com

Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen is a food service that offers several different meal plans including the popular 3, 6 and 12 night plans which cover all types of food. The company uses a hybrid system where ingredients are prepared fresh on the premises and then snap frozen ready to heat in the microwave or oven.

The meals can be eaten as a whole meal where one full package is prepared by a chef, or they can be split into two portions for two people to eat. The ingredients will go from box to table in as little as 30 minutes start to finish.

Try their delicious range at www.magickitchen.com

The Best Fresh Assemble Yourself Meal Deliveries


HelloFresh is a service that sends recipe boxes with all the ingredients ready to cook. One of the most popular services in the food delivery business HelloFresh has a great range of meals and incredible variety varying from Chicken Tacos to Kung Pao Chicken with rice. There are 3 meal plans to choose from that will give you a box full of ingredients every 2 weeks. This is our personal favorite food delivery for seniors near me.

The basic 3 meal plan includes 2 recipes per week, 1 meat and 1 vegetarian option. The 4 meal plan includes 3 recipes per week and the 7 meal plan includes 3 meals per day for a whole week. The 2 recipes per week plan works out to roughly $11-12 and the 3 and 5 meal plans at $8-8.50 and $13.50 per meal respectively.

You can check out the range at www.hellofresh.com

Home Chef

Home Chef is another fresh assemble your own meals service that includes a wide variety of recipes. Home Chef delivers over 80 different meals every month. The dinners are very popular with seniors and the meals are often prepared in 1 hour starting from fresh ingredients.

The company uses a similar fresh produce system to HelloFresh which means their meals are regularly rotated making every box taste great.

You can check out the range at www.homechef.com

Superior Meals

Superior Meals is another fresh assemble your own meals services that delivers 1, 3, 6 and 12 month plans. The 6 month option works out to about $11 per meal for 6 courses using foods that are regularly rotated. The 12 month plan works out to about $12 per meal with the option to choose 2 recipes which are prepared ready in 30 minutes start to finish.

Assist Meals

Assist Meals is another fresh assemble your own meals that delivers 1,3,6 or 12 months plans. The 6 month plan works out at roughly $10 per meal which has a variety of different dishes for dinner food. The 12 months plan is more expensive however it’ll offer almost double the number of meals.

Bonus Tips For Storing Food Fresh

If you’ve got a lot of food to store, try keeping it in smaller containers and using plastic bags. The less air in the container, the less likely it is your food will go bad. Even though they are very convenient, try to stay away from food in cans. While they are easy to store, they often contain high amounts of BPA which is bad for your health. Only use canned goods when you have no other option.

Foraging Foods Some Seniors Really Enjoy

Foraging is a great way of getting a variety of inexpensive and nutritious foods. It can actually reduce costs because you will be able to gather many more items while only spending the money on the tools you need while foraging. The best thing about harvesting foods from the wild is that they are fresh. Some foods even stay fresh for weeks or months which means they can be stored in your refrigerator or freezer for later use.

Some common foraging foods are wild mushrooms, nuts, berries, roots, and insects. You can either forage in the wild or purchase certain types of seeds that have already been harvested. The best thing about these seeds is that they are also nutritious.

If you live in an area where there is a lot of edible plants, you should absolutely take advantage of them while they are around! Foraging can save you money and calories all while providing you with many different nutritious foods. Growing food is a great way to keep the kitchen stocked and no need to always search food delivery for seniors near me when you’re independent.

Seniors Food Delivery Services Conclusion

If you’re a senior and want to get the best bang for your budget then using the available food services listed above will keep you healthy and nourished. With professionally trained chefs and hygienic food safety practices you can be assured your food is handled with care. I have been using these services myself and they have all been wonderful. It’s a great way to keep my mind off the fact that I am a senior and nothing about me is going to change. I can easily order food online on a daily basis and have items delivered right at my doorstep!

I’d love to know which company you have found best for your needs, please comment below and join the discussion with other seniors like you!

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