Affordable housing for senior citizens in America has become a critical issue in recent years. Added pressure from a global pandemic and rising living expenses low income seniors are left struggling to pay rent. An alarming 32% of seniors are facing the prospect of being unable to pay for basic living expenses. To find affordable apartments for seniors (55 and over), search for your state with an online search.

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The Rising Cost Of Life

As rent continues to rise at a faster pace than income, senior Americans are heavily burdened by traditional housing costs. This can actually force them to cut back on other basics like healthcare, food, social life and transport. Some worst case scenarios even leave older adults without a home and living on the street.

It is upmost importance that the older demographic of this nation is well looked after and require affordable housing for their fixed incomes. A recent report suggests that renter households headed by someone over 50 has grown significantly in the past and is projected to continue this way till 2038.1

How Seniors Can Get Into Homes Now With Low Rent

If you’re like millions of senior Americans who had circumstances that may have prevented you from saving enough money take a breath of relief. Many older adults don’t have enough income or assets other then social security which may limit options on housing choices.

Senior Apartments The New Low Cost Trend

A senior living apartment offers to consistent features. That is easy accessibility and a sense of community. With the needs of ageing citizens in mind these senior apartment communities help to cover the typical needs for elderly low income residents. Most senior living apartments require you to be 55 or older to keep the community protected and only offer the low cost housing to candidates in need.

Senior Apartment Costs?

The costs associated with senior apartments can vary greatly depending on which state or ammenities is required. Decisions of buying vs renting will also change costs. The cost of these apartments is lower than traditional market prices but specific costs will be tallied when contacting a specific community.

Vintage At The Crossing

An amazing new initiative completed in Reno, Nevada is Vintage at the Crossing. This large scale senior housing community is home to 15,000 units of multifamily housing. With limited housing available in this community it is expected to fill quickly but offers a unique opportunity for those willing to live in Northern Nevada.

Heavens Doorstep

Tampa, Florida is considered one of character and charm for seniors looking for low cost independent living. Florida’s third largest city has many independent and assisted living centres available to low income seniors. Such communities like Colonnade and Sodalis Tampa often have vacant rooms available when other retirees pass away or more to other communities.

Senior Housing Assistance Group

In Bellevue, Washington there are several senior housing projects nearing completion. The plan is to create affordable housing that is catered towards a seniors wellbeing and lifestyle. Offering unique community feels and encouragement of social activity low income seniors are jumping to be apart of this community.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

One government initiative that can help seniors into a home is the housing choice voucher program. This program is designed to help low income elderly or families pay rent in traditional market-rate homes. It generally requires that the person pays 30% of their monthly income for rent and utilities and the voucher will make up the additional 70%.2

Section 202 Supportive Housing

For those with very low fixed income or no income at all thankfully there is an option for you. The Section 202 housing provides senior citizens homes through private or non profit sponsors.3 There are certain requirements to be met for this type of housing but it can be found in the programs documents online.

The Top States For Low Rent Senior Housing In America

Vermont – Located in the New England region of America this state boasts a whopping 81 affordable housing communities for seniors and only 91,000 over 65 residents.

Maine – A popular city for retirement in a smaller northern town Maine offers over 183 low rent housing options for seniors. With a bigger retirement community of 211,000 residents over 65 it is still a popular choice.

New Hampshire – Offering 131 different senior communities and affordable housing options the 178,000 residents over 65 are well housed. If you don’t mind moving state this is a great option with many availabilities right now of affordable independent living.

Wisconsin – Although it has a larger retirement community of the listed states of 777,000 residents over 65 it also has 360 housing communities. Wisconsin is considered one of the best options for affordable senior retirement as the housing is much more affordable than other states in the USA.

Find Amazing Low Cost Senior Apartments or Housing Now

If you’re over 55 and an American citizen experiencing financial hardship now is the best time to find affordable housing. With government initiatives and community focus on creating assisted living environments for the elderly there are more options than ever before. To find affordable apartments for seniors (55 and over), search for your state using an online search provided for elderly residents.

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