Farming and agriculture makes up one of the largest industries of long term employment in Canada. Farming provides millions of jobs for not just Canadian citizens but also opportunities for foreign workers. As borders begin to reopen and travel is more accessible top farming companies are rapidly hiring workers abroad. To view high paying full time or part time positions available now try a simple online search.

farming jobs in canada

Agriculture Is The Backbone To Canadas Economy

With so much land mass Canada is fortunate to have access to some fantastic landscapes for farming and agriculture. Currently around 7% of the nation is used for this purpose and with exports worth over $139.4billion its a big piece of the economy.1 A recent census shows there was 193,492 farms operating in Canada so the chance for employment is very high. There is currently 2.1million people employed in the agriculture space of Canada but there is a large amount of jobs still unfulfilled.

The Top Benefits To Working On Farms In Canada

The demand for agriculture workers is high especially in Canada as they’re struggling to fill positions with current workforces. This is due to experienced farmers beginning to reach age of retirement and minimal young employees coming through opting for other jobs. The Canadian government has implemented various programs to entire foreign workers to Canada to resolve this issue.

  • Canadian Visa – One of the biggest perks to getting a farming job in Canada is the easy access to Visa. If you think Canada is a great place to live there is an opportunity to immigrate to Canada and begin this form of employment. This offers a much easier path to full time residency and citizenship for this safe and wealthy country.
  • Strong Pay – Jobs in the agriculture industry come with strong pays compared to other industries. Yes it may be hard work and at times physical but the high remuneration compared to other industries is a massive bonus. You will not only be able to live a healthy and active lifestyle with farm work but often meals are provided and even accomodation. This allows you to easily save the money you’re earning from the farm which is above standard rates in Canada.
  • Insurances And Cover – Working in the agriculture and farming industry of Canada offers many government perks. Because of the unions in this country there are many benefits you will receive for working in this sector. You can receive a company vehicle if this is offered by your employer, access to public healthcare and even free public schooling if you have children.
  • Access To Quality Food – Working on a farm comes with the added benefit of having access to amazing fresh food. There is never a food shortage on the farm and excess stock is often handed to employees and their families. Working on organic farms could be a very affordable way to access organic nutrition for you and your family.

The Preferred Form Of Immigration

When it comes to getting access to Visa and immigration opportunities farmwork is a very strong option. The “Provincial Nominee Program” is a way to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Currently 11 out of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada have their own PNP each with their own criteria’s of approval. Some of these will be age, work experience, previous education and dependants.

Sustainable Employment Of Farming Jobs

Canada is incredibly lucky with the key advantages it has due to its sheer land size. It has one of the highest potentials for economic growth in Canada right now and its a shifting to become a leader in sustainable food production and processing. This means that the chance of long term employment and job security is some of the highest available. The most jobs available right now are on the Western side of Canada in the states of Quebec, Ontario and Prairies region.

Part Time Or Full Time Opportunities

Another important aspect of farming jobs is the benefit of full time or part time jobs. If you’re a student and wanting to further your education in Canada then a part time job may be suitable for you. Full time jobs are the most preferred option by employers but there is still a range of jobs available for part time rates.

Get Your Perfect Farming Job In Canada Now

If you’re ready to immigrate to Canada and begin a new adventure for just you or your family there has never been a better opportunity. The jobs available in Canada are of amazing quality with high paying wages and access to great healthcare. You can get a citizenship within a few years of employment so to find the best jobs available now try a simple online search.

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