The salary of senior electricians in the USA is higher than ever at $98,720 per year.1 Paid training is also being offered by top companies in the country to create more electricians for future jobs. Spots are limited so the best time to search and get started is now.

The Severe Electrician Shortage Of America

One of the biggest concerns for future construction projects in America is the shortage of electricians. In fact 70% of the industry said there is growing concern for a shortage in the next few years as retirements begin to peak.2 There is in fact a whopping 81,252 electrician jobs which have not been fulfilled in 2021 so top companies are rapidly hiring overseas.

Why Is There Such An Electrician Shortage?

Well there are multiple reasons to why there is a current shortage but the 3 main factors are experienced workers are retiring, not enough new electricians being trained and demand for electricians is increasing. The recent pandemic has accelerated retirement for many aged workers as the Baby boomer generation heads into early retirement. The government before now has not been putting enough emphasis in training quality electricians for jobs so there is a lack of new workers.

Demand For Electricians Is Sky High

With many new construction projects being approved in the country the need for electricians is only growing. In fact from now until 2029 the US Bureau of Labor Statistics believes there will be a 11.4% increase in electrician jobs.3 It is not just commercial jobs that are booming as the pandemic subsides but also domestic jobs are many new housing estates are flourishing across the nation. People are using more electricity than ever before and having quality tradesmen fix these solutions is vital to keeping America moving along in the modern economy.

Very High Paying Electrician Salaries

You don’t have to start at $20 an hour to become an electrician. Entry level electricians start out at around $30-35 per hour, with the chance to earn up to $98,720 a year. Much of your salary will depend on which state you’re working in and how much experience you’ve got. The job does also provide job training as well as gaining certification for insurance purposes.

Top Companies Are Hiring Abroad Now

To help ease this demand big companies are using recruiters to hire electricians around the world. With an increased overview of Africa, India, Europe, Canada and Australia there are over 85,000 jobs available right now. You can even get Visa approved status for pre accepting an electrician job helping you to begin migration to the USA.

Interested In Learning About Becoming An Electrician?

Now there is not just jobs available for qualified electricians but emphasis on training up the future workforce. Paid training is being offered by top institutions which not only offer in class education but on site education too. Covering your education fees and then transferring you into the workforce straight after is a ready made opportunity for high salary work. There is a long term job security aspect to being an electrician as many people provide a great living for their family on electrician wages.

Commercial or Residential?

Electricians are called in to fix a variety of electrical issues. Residential electrician jobs involve fixing lines or installing new infrastructure for safe electrical use in homes. Commercial electrician jobs often deal with large power plants or other big systems such as apartment complexes or shopping malls. These jobs typically pay more compared to residential ones. The majority of electrician jobs available right now are in the commercial industry with many government benefits added on top of normal work salaries. This includes night shift, days off work, medical insurance and guaranteed working hours.

Skills Required For Electrician Jobs in America

  • Punctual On Time – The ability to show up at the exact moment your job is needed is an essential skill for an electrician. You will probably be called in on short notice from unexpected issues so you’ll need to be able to manage your time well and come prepared to work.
  • Handling Tools – Basic electrician tools are relatively easy to use but you will need to be familiar with handling them well in order to work on your own or with a team.
  • Mathematics – Being able to calculate measurements and meter quantities is an essential skill for electricians. They need to know how much wiring they have, what amps and load can handled and other safety mechanisms.
  • Communication – Being able to announce yourself politely and quickly during an emergency call is a key skill for an electrician. A combination of good listening and speaking skills will prove invaluable during emergency situations.

Apply For An Electrician Job Today

Electrical work is an essential part of society and vital skills are needed to ensure citizens can cook, heat and relax in their homes. Apply now for immediate placement in an electrical apprenticeship program or to find available jobs in the USA right now.