With just about everything done online these days its no surprise that career opportunities in digital marketing have skyrocketed. The whole world is now on the internet – and skilled digital marketers are in high demand. Thankfully, it’s now possible to get a digital marketing degree online from top colleges faster and cheaper then ever before.

The UN recently released statistics show that global e-commerce jumped to an insane $26.7trillion in 2020.1 Marketing is a timeless skillset required in all industries of the economy but now the digital aspect has become supreme. The trend for online business growth is only going to continue so for a recession proof, booming career a digital marketing degree can accelerate your finances.

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Digital Marketing Knowledge Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

The growth of the digital economy has all business looking to expand its reach online to tap into more clients. For many years companies were reluctant to dedicate resources towards their online presence but now its key to their survival. It’s not just large business, but small to medium as well, even your local restaurants put effort into their online presence now. With business spending more digitally than ever before you can take advantage of the financial wave hitting this space.

69% Of Business Will Hire More Digital Marketers

The growing importance of digital marketing to a companies bottom line is evident in their recruitment. Demand for digital marketing skills is currently higher then skilled digital marketers available for work. In fact 69% of business planned to hire more digital marketers online.2

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing covers many different aspects of the internet. From Facebook to Google, LinkedIn to Youtube and Pinterest or TikTok the skillset of a digital marketer is long reaching. Implementing social media marketing, email strategies and search engine optimisation are key components to this type of work. Using multiple tools and techniques digital marketers help to drive new clients and customers to a business via their online platforms.

The Top Career Opportunities In Digital Marketing?

SEO Expert (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO, or Search engine optimisation is a skill required to drive traffic from search engine results to a companies website. Google receives over 60,000 searches every second of the day and knowing how to get website pages indexed highly on Google’s search engine is a highly sought after skill. Having skills in SEO will allow you to identify reasons to why a website is poorly ranking in search engine results. The SEO industry is projected to reach $77.6billion on its own by 2023 so developing your own client base could be a small business opportunity.3

Social Media Marketing

The social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have huge active audiences. It is hard to find a business in 2021 that is not on these platforms. However the difference between a skilled social media marketer vs a traditional marketer is huge. Understanding how to correctly convey a message to an online audience is vital to keeping them engaged and repeating orders.

Digital marketers will be able to not only build attractive Fan pages on these platforms but also drive marketing campaigns with paid advertisements. Facebook has a department called “Facebook Ads” which allows you to target different audiences and run advertisements directly. Knowing how to correctly identify metrics and create digital marketing funnels is a topic all business requires these days.

Email Marketing

Email has been around for a long time but it still provides a backbone solution for many business. Getting a customer to sign up their email will allow consistent marketing for a fraction of the cost of online advertisements. Digital marketers are taught valuable skills in increasing newsletter sign ups and writing engaging content which will lead to more sales. SMS marketing is on the rise too which is very similar to email marketing which is becoming a lot more popular in 2021.

There are many services available online like MailChimp, Moosend, HubSpot and Mailjet. As you progress into a digital marketing course you will cover how to use these valuable tools and create amazing email marketing campaigns.

PPC Ad Specialist (Pay Per Click)

One of the oldest methods of digital advertisements is called PPC. This type of advertisement is the ads you see on the search engine results. Many business that can’t get rankings highly in competitive markets on search engines will instead pay for ads. Companies like Google, Bing and Yahoo offer this service and having an understanding of PPC ads can be extremely beneficial.

Skills For Self Employment

If you’re someone that is more independent and want to start your own business there is huge opportunity in this space. Sometimes landing a career first and getting some hands on experience can accelerate your learning before going out on your own. There are many digital marketers who did an online course who went on to start their own business for SEO or social media.

Digital Marketing Is Going To Grow Even More

In the near future as more business turns online especially since the pandemic acceleration of spending on digital marketing will increase. Having skills in any of the above subjects will safeguard your financial future as they’re required talents for doing business online. The online economy is growing at over 10x the pace of offline business. Without properly trained digital marketers these companies will be left in the dust – so recruitment and pay checks are skyrocketing.

Easy To Start Careers

Unlike many other industries like engineering, law and health the path to career employment is much faster. The topics are not very hard to learn and virtually anyone with some work ethic and patience can become a digital marketer. It is an industry that is full of youthful energy, positive networking and inspiring opportunities. If you’re looking to kick start your digital marketing career today there are some great options.

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