The Canary Islands offer one of the most spectacular holidays you can have in your lifetime. In fact every year over 2.6million people visit this magical destination to witness the beaches, the food and the sun.1 You can now get Canary Islands holiday packages for a fraction of the cost with the right know how. To view the best heavily discounted deals available right now start an online search.

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Pack Your Bags Its Time For A Holiday

The Canary Islands are a popular holiday destination for British people, and for good reason. With a warm climate, stunning beaches and a rich cultural heritage, these Spanish islands offer a range of activities to suit all tastes. Here are some of the best things to do during a holiday to the Canary Islands.

Why Visit The Canary Islands With A Cheap Holiday Package

  • Explore the beaches. The Canary Islands have more than 150 beaches, so there is one for every kind of traveller. You can find a great place to soak up the sun anywhere, from quiet coves to busy tourist spots. Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria, Los Cristianos in Tenerife, and Papagayo in Lanzarote are some of the most well-known beaches.
  • Take a hike. The Canary Islands are a great place to go walking and hiking for people who want a more active vacation. There are several national parks on the islands, such as the Garajonay National Park on La Gomera, the Timanfaya National Park on Lanzarote, and the Teide National Park on Tenerife. Here, people can walk along beautiful trails and look at the rolling hills, rugged mountains, and beautiful coastlines.
  • Visit the capitals. Each of the seven Canary Islands has its own capital city, which is well worth a visit. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de La Palma and La Laguna in Tenerife are just some of the fascinating cities you can explore. Here, you can learn about the culture and history of the area, visit museums and art galleries, and try some tasty Canarian food.
  • Take a boat trip. The Canary Islands are surrounded by warm, clear water, which makes them a great place to take a boat trip. There are lots of ways to get out on the water and explore the beautiful underwater world, like whale watching, snorkelling, and scuba diving.
  • Visit a vineyard. Wine has been made on the Canary Islands for a long time, and there are many vineyards and wineries that offer tours and tastings. The wines made here are unique because they are made from grapes that are native to the islands and are grown in the volcanic soil. Visitors can learn how wine is made and try some of the wines made in the area. El Grifo is one of the oldest wineries in the area and you can visit it every year.2
  • Go on an adventure at a theme park. If you are travelling with kids, the Canary Islands have a number of fun theme parks. The Siam Park in Tenerife is one of the biggest water parks in Europe. The Loro Parque in Tenerife has a huge number of exotic animals, such as gorillas, tigers, and penguins.
  • Play 18 holes of golf – The Canary Islands are a popular place for golfers to go because they are warm all year and have beautiful scenery. There are several championship golf courses on the islands, such as the Maspalomas Golf Course in Gran Canaria and the Buenavista Golf Course in Tenerife.
  • Take a scenic drive. The Canary Islands have some of the best scenic drives, which are a great way to see the islands and their beautiful scenery. Whether you’re driving along the coast, through the hills, or across the desert, the scenery will blow you away.
  • Visit a local market. The Canary Islands have many lively local markets where you can buy everything from fresh food to handcrafted items. These markets are a great place to try local food, try some traditional Canarian dishes, and buy souvenirs to take home.
  • Enjoy a day at the spa. The Canary Islands are the perfect place to do this because of their warm weather and calm atmosphere.

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