Releasing in 1990 the Super Nintendo was an extremely popular gaming console across the entire globe. With innovative technology and fun games the Super Nintendo was a nostalgic entertaining experience for many people. You can now get access to your favorite childhood titles with newly manufactured consoles and games with a simple online search.

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The Super Nintendo Dominated The Gaming World

When Nintendo released this console they did not expect it to be so widely received in all countries of the world. In fact the Super Nintendo sold over 49.1million units compared to its arch rival Sega Genesis’s 29million.1 When the Super Nintendo was first released it came with three different games to play. These games were F-Zero, Pilotwings and Super Mario World. The 16-bit gaming experience revolutionised the way games were viewed by the public and set the trend for the modern gaming world we see today.

Remodelled For Even Better Experience

In recent years the Super Nintendo has jumped back into the trendy spotlight after being released with newer working versions. These new models still have the exact same controller feel and playing experience but are much more accessible then the more pricy older models. In fact you can get working consoles for $50 or less and with updated hard drive systems you can get the entire Super Nintendo gaming collection for a fraction of the price. Children, teenagers and adults too of course have found these gaming consoles to be of great service and are flying off the shelves at record prices.

The 5 Best Super Nintendo Games

Super Mario Kart 1992

Super Mario Kart popped onto the scene in 1992 making an interesting turn of events for online gaming. The all inspiring game of racing go karts with your favorite Nintendo characters controlling the whips was super fun. It featured 20 different tracks including some favorites like Rainbow Road and with shortcuts it made for very fun racing with friends. With items available like red turtle shells and mushrooms players were laughing as they boosted past their friends. This game is still one of the highest selling on the SNES.

Donkey Kong Country 2 1995

Following the huge success of its first release as Donkey Kong Country the second title featured more around Diddy Kong. It had very nice featured graphics with slight 3d experience compared to the more 2d appeal of super mario games. The soundtracks of Nintendos games are masterpieces and this one really pulled the players into it. This game was fast paced and the controlling options were flawless as you could whip Daisy Kongs hair to jump over large gaps.

Super Metroid 1994

A game catered for the more mature players Super Metroid was Samus first appearance in the gaming world. Revolutionising the gaming experience as a playable female heroine this game was ahead its time. With sound and visuals creating a more haunting experience than other fun titles on the SNES the challenging game was picked up by teenagers mostly. It was a difficult game to complete and the final boss is a very dramatic play through which still today is adopted by speed running enthusiasts.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 1992

A personal favorite from the writers here is the first Zelda game to be released on the gaming consoles. Zelda is a magical piece of entertainment history that was incredibly well made for its time. Playing as the hero Link you are set to save the princess Zelda from the evil forces of Ganon. This game is played on two seperate worlds and you have to change through each one to complete the game.

Super Mario World 1991

We have to list this beautiful game because of how much this franchise has stained the minds of human kind. Super Mario World is an extremely fun and entertaining game seeing the previous hero of Mario take on new unseen battles. This game also introduces us to Marios trusty steed Yoshi which was fun and exciting for kids to see. Multiple background layers help to create an immersive fun for players on this quest. Defeating Bowser was always a great feeling and when you see how far Mario has become without this game it would never have become where it is today.

Play Your Favorite Games Now For Cheap

If you loved the Super Nintendo experience as a child and want to find fun and exciting ways to entertain yourself or family then look no further. The Super Nintendo is now available with completely new manufactured versions of the same gaming experience without the price tag. You can get the entire gaming collection in one single disk allowing you to always have simple and easy access to the best titles with no difficult emulators. To view the best discounted prices for Super Nintendo and similar gaming titles try an online search.

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