Samsung and Apple are the leading smartphone creators in the USA making up more then 70% of the total marketshare.1 But recently more and more consumers are making the jump to the Samsung Galaxy models. With industry first features, amazing cameras and simple to use a Samsung Galaxy may truly benefit you. For the best available deals in your locality on all things Samsung Galaxy try a simple online search.

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7 Reasons To Swap To Samsung Galaxy Today

1. Top Customer Support – One of the major problems with Apple users is the lack of customer service after you’ve bought the phone. Insanely long wait times or queues at stores have caused a lot of outrage with consumers. Samsung however prides itself on after sales customer service. They have a service centre available where you ca get experienced knowledge in a promptly manner to keep your tech problems solved.

2. Long Battery Life – Models like the Galaxy S21 feature an incredibly long battery life. You can get over 3 days of life out of what is otherwise a small phone. This makes it ideal if you spend the majority of your day on your phone.

3. OLED Screens – Fitted with a low-power OLED panel the screens on Samsung phones are amazing. If you max out the resolution settings on your phone you can achieve QHD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. For those not technically related you will be gobsmacked at how great and clear picture for videos and photos this phone allows.

4. Android Operating System – The Android operating system is what Samsung phones use. This operating system is very popular and offers a plethora of apps. These apps make the phone experience better and more personalized too. Android offers many benefits including the ability to run multiple applications at the same time, browsers that are not limited in their settings and maps that are free of errors.

5. Incredible Camera – Samsung Galaxy phones use high quality cameras with features like panoramic and rapid shutter modes. Some of the phones feature a 12 mega pixel camera which has a dual LED flash with a front face and rear camera for easy taking of photos.

6. Incredibly Sleek Design – Samsung set out with a purpose of engineering the most beautifully designed phones for the market. The camera on the Galaxy S21 is designed with a contour cut which helps the camera feature blend in with the handheld phone making it seamless in design.

7. Flexible Productivity – Some of the Galaxy models have integrated mobile phone use in ways we never have before. The Flex Mode on models like the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G enable a hands free experience. You can essentially take photos and videos without a tripod, watch movies while messaging at the same time with the multi window format.

Top Samsung Galaxy Models For 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Right now this is the best available phone under the Samsung brand. The Galaxy S22 Ultra combines a big screen of 6.8 inches with a super bright display. Boasting a camera that has 108MP wide frame, 12MP ultrawide and 2 seperate 10MP rear photo cameras its a powerhouse for camera qualities.

Samsung Galaxy S22 – For most consumers looking to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy this is the top option. Just like the Ultra model it has many similar traits however it is smaller in size and display screen. The screen for this model is a 6.1 inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display which boasts an amazing 120Hz refresh rate. Memory options for this smart cell phone include 8GB RAM and up to 128 or 256GB of storage.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5g – Best Samsung Galaxy phone of those on a budget. This phone offers a 6.5 inch screen with FHD+ Super AMOLED display. Its a mid range phone in terms of pricing and is usually available from stores at the $500 mark. Long battery life coupled with a strong and quality camera setup this phone has captivated its budget friendly audience.

Choosing The Right Samsung Phone For You

  • Storage – How much storage will you need and what are the purposes for this phone? Is it business related or personal?
  • Battery Life – How long does your battery last and what is the average daily use for this phone?
  • Camera Quality – Are you an aspiring photographer or someone who loves taking photos on the go?
  • Operating System – Do you favor Android over Apple IOS or vice versa?

The Best Samsung Galaxy Deals Available Online NOW

If you’re ready to jump on board the Samsung Galaxy train and join millions of happy customers now is the best time. With many amazing features the current Samsung Galaxy cell phones are an amazing choice for everyday consumers. From top quality camera, deep phone storage, flexible pricing and access to the best App Store in the world Samsung has you covered. For the best available prices online right now in your state this simple online search can help you.

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