As technology continues to improve so does the risk of cyber threats to government and online business each year. There has never been a better time to get into a cyber security course – with increasing demand and high salaries available. Fortunately there are top accredited colleges available online and it is possible to get started immediately.

In fact there is currently 3.5million jobs unfulfilled in this space in 2021 and this number is set to increase each year.1 The threat to online platforms is urgent and with consequences of hacks being devastating organisations around the world are hiring skilled professionals. A cyber security degree could be the best investment you make for safeguarding your financial future.

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Why Cyber Security Is Vital For Society?

Cyber attacks impose a huge risk on the way society functions today. Protecting citizens data in government registries or shielding money in financial platforms are at huge stakes. Large fines are imposed on companies or organisations that do not sufficiently protect users data. In 2020 the SolarWinds attack exposed incredibly sensitive information from over 100 leading companies. With a large amount of countries dependant on technological systems for infrastructure a cyber threat to energy, roads or other systems could be terrible.

Is A Cyber Security Degree Really Worth It?

In all sectors of the economy one thing remains consistent. As more organisations look to take their entire function digitally the risk of cyber threats grows. Having strong security systems with ongoing maintenance is a firewall all organisations will need for protection. It’s one of the strongest lines of employment in the world right now and millions of jobs need fulfilling.

The Benefits Of A Cyber Security Degree?

Practical And Hands-On Learning

Considering the risk of cyber threats and their real-time dangers students are taught in very engaging ways. The theory of this work is not boring and having the skillset of detecting and analyzing real-time threats is an important part of the skill. Working in teams with other students or in other times on your own the course work is very engaging. Highly respected cyber security professionals keep the course work up to date and your skills will be earned hands-on.

Wide Range Of Careers Available

As we touched on earlier basically every single industry requires a cyber security professional. From healthcare, banking, sporting, cryptocurrencies and travel any industry you’re passionate in can land you work. With the skills you acquire during the course it can lead you into many different roles including law enforcement and even aviation.

Huge Demand Right Now

Literally as we speak there are millions of cyber security jobs around the world on offer now. This demand is projected to continue growing all the way to 2029 and as technology grows so will the thread of online risk. Employers are looking for qualified professionals and a shortage of cyber security wizards has emerged. Even gaining part time work on lower tier projects as you study can be obtained.

Its Entertaining Work

Considering the every changing landscape of cyber security it is not dull work. Every day is a new threat and the world of cyber crime is constantly evolving. Many cyber security professionals feel strongly about their work as they’re protecting valuable data from external threats. Keeping engaged and on your toes helps to not get bored of the work which is common in many other industries.

High Paying, Excellent Job Security

Even entry level jobs in this space can net very comfortable salaries. Information security analysts which is an entry level job after completing a course can net you $82,565 on average salaries.2 Positions with more experience can easily land well into the 6 figure pay checks and the added bonus is job security. Considering there is already a huge shortage for this professional skill employers won’t be firing you anytime soon. In fact the median salary for cybersecurity analysts in 2019 was $99,730!3

Potential Job Titles Of Cyber Security

For those with a certification in this area there is a large selection of potential job titles and career options. Some of the top cyber security job titles are:

– Security and Systems Architect
– Penetration Tester (Ethical Hacker)
– Cryptography
– Security Engineer
– Security Auditor
– Vulnerability Assessor
– Security Code Auditor
– Forensics Expert

Potential Cyber Security Threats

As technology continues to play a vital role in our daily lives its critical to protect it. Some of the most common forms of cyber security attacks popular amongst cyber criminals today include:

Ransomware – This is where the victims computer files are hacked and taken control of and asking for a ransom paid in return. Most commonly this in the form of cryptocurrencies.
Malware – Malicious software like a virus or a trojan horse can be installed on a victims computer or software.
Phishing – Fraudulent emails or messages which contain links that look safe but are compromised.

Get Accelerated Cyber Security Learning Today

If you fancy yourself interested in cyber security there are many courses and degrees available today. From immersive classroom studies to work from home, a course can be catered towards you and your budget. The world is going to continue moving towards technology and threats will increase in development. There are millions of jobs on offer already and this will increase by 2029. Find your perfect cyber security course today!

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