Whether you’re travelling to a new city or your car has broken down and in the repair shop – car rentals is a convenient option. With thousands of car rental locations across the country how can you make sure you’re getting the best deal?

With many different pricing calculations in the fine print like security deposits, refilling fuel, additional mileage costs and insurances it can be confusing on the end cost. Learning how to save and hunt bargains on the best cars available to rent can save you big bucks.

Book In Advance

One of the easiest ways to save big on renting a car is to book in advance. Not having a car in the city you’re visiting can cost big bucks. Peak travel season and on the day car rental bookings can significantly increase costs. Getting your car booked in advance can save you up to a 20% over the cost of having a car delivered on-site.

Avoid Booking At The Airport

This is something you should try to avoid at all costs. Booking a rental car in the airport on arrival comes with additional fees as the companies are aware of the desperation. Often in a mad rush and under high stress of airports consumers tend to pay higher for car rentals. Doing some research first before you land will show the best options for car rentals in the city you’re travelling too. It can be quite large savings to first take a train or taxi from the airport to the main city centre and renting a car from a location there.

Choose The Right Credit Card

One of the bigger costs involved in renting a car is insurance. One of the first additions to renting a car is a collision damage waiver, this is the primary insurance that reimburses for the damage of a car while in your possession. There are many credit cards used by Americans that offer a no cost insurance policy. The only caveat? You will often have to book the entire car rental expense on that specific credit card.

Check with your current credit card provider if they offer any complimentary insurances or car rental bonuses when you book your car rental with the credit card.

Book Through Discount Websites

There are many discount websites that are created to help consumers save on car rentals. Sites like www.CarRentalSavers.com work with a large network of rental companies and negotiate extra discounts from the base rates when you book through them. These sites can be worth checking out for big savings in rental car expenses.

Other great options for saving money on car rentals are Autoslash and honey which can add savings to your cart checkout.

Big Business Memberships Offer Discounts

If you have a membership with Costco or BJ’s Wholesale then lucky you. These two companies have great long standing relations with many car rental locations in America. If you have AAA it can add even more savings.

Using your Costco or BJ’s Wholesale membership when booking a car rental from their trusted partners will save big. This can often pay back the cost of the membership itself just from one or two car rentals!

The Top Car Rental Companies In America:

1. Enterprise – This is one of the largest car rental companies in America. Their fleet of cars is made up of many different makes and models but are mostly all non-luxury vehicles. Enterprise offers affordable hourly rentals as well as daily, weekly and monthly rates for most locations.

2. Thrifty – One of the most friendly car rental companies in the U.S., Thrifty offers unlimited mileage with no extra charges for customers. Quite unique in the car rental industry, Thrifty doesn’t charge a security deposit for the vehicle. Additionally, Thrifty gives customers the option to upgrade to a more luxurious car without paying an additional fee.

3. Hertz – This is based out of Alabama and has its base of operation there. With many locations throughout the United States, Hertz is known for its high quality vehicles and customer service.

4. Budget – The largest budget rental car company in America, it offers economy friendly vehicles at affordable rates. Budget has many different locations around the country and claims to be the No. 1 budget car rental company on the road.

Find Hot Car Rental Offers Near You:

If you require a car rental whether travelling or to replace your temporary broken vehicle it pays to do your research. With many locations offering discounts on different models as well as bundles from current business memberships it can become confusing. Using a simple online search in your area can reveal the biggest savings available to you in the online car rental market.