In the current market there is no skill set that’s more in demand than a cloud certificate. With huge starting salaries of $100,000+ USD it can land you one of the highest paying IT jobs around.1 And now it’s cheaper and easier then ever to get started online.

Most organizations even non-IT related are moving to the cloud and there is a wave of opportunity available to those fast acting. Projected to grow by over 115% in the next 5 years employers are pouring money into cloud certified IT specialists.2

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing at a basic level is essentially using the internet to store data and services instead of hard drives. With the world having increased internet access and a reduced cost in this technology it has led the accelerated adoption in the economy. With the biggest vendors in the cloud computing space being Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, Salesforce and Google Cloud the money in the space is at all time highs.

Why Should I Get A Cloud Certification?

As we’ve already discussed cloud computing is a very in demand skill in the current economy. A certification in this technology can be useful in standing out to employers around the world. A report by Global Knowledge states the average salary of a cloud computing specialist in North America was a whopping $153,655.3 It is listed amongst the recession proof careers of the future and this industry will not be slowing down anytime soon.

The Best Cloud Computing Certifications Available Now

(ISC)² Certified Cloud Security Professional – CCSP

CCSP stands for “Cloud Computing Security Professional” and is one of the most respected in the industry. It covers subjects like managing, designing and securing data as well as creating infrastructure in the cloud. Its a preferred certification for those with prior cybersecurity knowledge wishing to expand into the cloud industry.

It is one of the tougher exams to pass however it allows you to jump queues in the line of employment as recruiters have an eye for this certification. To pass you will require a 3 hour examination and score 700 out of 1000 to get certified. CCSP certification holders have jaw dropping average salaries of $154,424!

(AWS)  Amazon Web Services – Solutions Architect

A more basic entry into the cloud certification field is the AWS solutions architect. Amazon Web Services is a pioneer in the cloud computing space and this multiple choice exam is a simple way to boost your earnings fast. It covers the basic technical ideas of AWS cloud engineering opening the doors of many new jobs. Deploying and managing basic architectural systems on the AWS platform is a key outcome for this certification.

Being one of the lowest cost certifications at approximately $150 and a simpler multiple choice exam it opens vast opportunity to the industry.

Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Another giant in the technology space and specifically cloud computing is Google. Getting a certification as a Google Associate Cloud Engineer is a popular choice for many IT professionals. The certification covers managing and storing databases on the Google Cloud, configuring access and security as well as setting up a cloud solution with the Google infrastructure.

Another lower cost certification at just $125 and covering a huge range of topics a Google Associate Cloud Engineer can fast track your employment.

CCSK – Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

Highly recognized in the industry for cloud computing is the CCSK by CSA. IT professionals who already have skillsets in cyber security and prior practical knowledge may benefit from this certification. A 90 minute examination with 60 questions will have to be passed in order to receive this quality certification. Its ran over a 3 day period and covers topics like security knowledge, recommendations from North America and Europe technology legislation, firewalls and identity management.

GCSA – GIAC Cloud Security Automation

Emerging from the DevSecOps practices this certification covers the utilisation of building, designing and deploying systems. This specific cloud computing certification not only covers theory but also practical aspects which are very in demand for employers. If you work or have a passion in the “Public Cloud” or DevOps this qualification might be for you.

A wide range of skillsets is covered including integration, automated configuration management, monitoring systems and using open source tools or other AWS platforms. Passing a web based exam of 75 questions in 2 hours gets you the qualification and average salaries of those who hold this are $91,000.

Cloud Computing Is The Future

Many companies have already moved all their infrastructure over to the cloud. By 2024 its expected that spending by the global market in this space will reach over $277 billion, 73% more then 2018!4 IT professionals around the world are rushing to train and up-skill to have a much better chance at a big salary and recession proof job. If you’re looking to invest in the future look no further than yourself and get training in this technology space.

Certifications are available in all countries across the globe, with no discrimination on employment opportunities. In todays world of hyper-connectedness systems will be pushing quickly into the Cloud in an effort to cut costs and increase overall efficiency. Find your quality cloud computing certification today.

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