With more people working from home and accessing the internet from around the world, there’s never been a bigger opportunity to start an online business. And thanks to the latest advancements, it’s never been easier to begin either. You can search now and get started today.

As technology continues to alter the workspace environment more people around the world are turning to home based business models. The pandemic has changed the way people view a stable income and working from home while being independent is highly sought after. There are many unique home based business models ready to take advantage of no matter what country you’re from in the world. From drop-shipping to translation services we will reveal the best business models anyone can start right from the comfort of their own home.

best home based business models

Home Entrepreneurship Is The Biggest Trend

Recent stats from the Global Entrepreneurship Model state that 62% of adults believe that being an entrepreneur (own their own business) is a good career choice.1 There are over 582million entrepreneurs in the world taking advantage of big changes in the online world and making a great living.2

Home Based Business Save Big On Expenses

One of the biggest advantages of home based business is the ease of starting one up without many overheads. Saving money on expenses like rent of commercial property, multiple employees and car expenses is very beneficial to the early stages of a growing business. In fact you can literally start a business from your own home in many cases with less than $1000.

Popular Home Based Business Models Making Profit Now

Dropshipping Stores

Dropshipping is a fantastic way for beginning entrepreneurs to make money from their own home. This business model does not even require you to make your own product and store it in a warehouse. In fact dropshippers can simply browse the internet on marketplaces like Alibaba and Oberlo to find trending products they can list in their own stores. Using website and Ecom store builders like Shopify this home based business model is very simple to set up and requires only a small learning curve.

Dropshipping works by sourcing products from a manufacturer which is listed on Alibaba or Oberlo for a cheaper price and then selling them on your store for more. Making advertisements online and using such platforms as Facebook or Pinterest you can begin to market your products and make a profit. Once the consumer orders your product the warehouse will even take care of the shipping and delivery! There are many simple guides to understanding dropshipping which can help to accelerate your learning of this business model.

On Demand Printing Business

Just like dropshipping this type of home based business also doesn’t require you to hold your product. You can simply create designs based on trending topics, memes and designs you think people will love and another company will handle the entire printing for you. It could be T-shirts, hats, jackets, mugs, cards, blankets and posters all with a simple click of a button.

If you have design skills you can use them yourself or if not hiring a designer off low cost websites like Fiverr you can have professional designs made. If you have a lot of passion for a specific niche or hobby and want to market it to other people who are passionate about it too this home based business model is fantastic and very lucrative.

Teaching Online Classes

For those who have a skill that is teachable to others there is an incredible advantage. From yoga, language, fixing cars, fixing bikes, painting, sports and cooking you can teach this through a home based business. There are many angles in which you can sell this business to eager students wanting to learn your skill. Pre recorded videos could be sold as packages or if you want to make premium money offering live courses on webcam with question and answer sessions could bring in many new customers.

If you prefer not to have human interaction then you can even create downloadable ebooks or video courses on this topic and simply sell them to each customer. You will only need a website and an audience which you can begin to build online using Facebook or Instagram and these skills can be found in courses online too.

Home Based Amazon Stores

One of the most lucrative opportunities online this year is having an Amazon store. The Ecom giant had $386billion in revenue in 2020 alone and a lot of this money was shared with Amazon store owners.3 In fact over 200,000 entrepreneurs are making $100,000 or more every year just off Amazon! FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is similar to dropshipping however your product will be stored by Amazon and fulfilled on their behalf.

If you have an idea of a product people will buy like golf sticks, cricket bats, printed hats, candles, books, toys, food or anything you can think of this is a business model to take advantage of. Essentially you will be doing “arbitrage”. This model is simply seen as buying low and selling high, whatever price you pay for your product you list it for 2-3x as much online.

There Is No Better Time Than Now!

For those ready to take control of their own life and begin a home based business now is the best time ever. With many working business models anybody with some motivation and work ethic can begin to become independent and earning their own living from home. Dropshipping and On Demand Printing are fantastic choices for those who want to get their feet wet in a new business without many initial expenses. If you want to have an initial kickstart into home based business there are many great courses available online.

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