Due to the current global situation, late model SUV’s are now more affordable then ever. With a huge overstock of unsold inventory – dealerships across the nation have a massive amount of 2020 models that MUST GO. Savvy internet users are now taking the opportunity to get a brand new SUV at unbelievable deals while they last.


When it comes to combining practicality, comfort and overall performance SUV’s basically take home the prize. Known for their safety options and limitless adventure paths they can be taken on compared to standard sedan vehicles it is no wonder they have become extremely popular in modern times as both a family car or something to show off to your friends!

Fancy yourself a new SUV, perhaps the one you’ve always dreamed about? Well now you can comfortably afford the performance SUV or Crossover that will suit you and your family like no other. SUV’s also are the perfect option for senior drivers with the clear visibility and tremendous amounts of cargo space or those who wish to comfortably drive long distances.

Including many different makes and models from popular companies such as Acura, Chrysler, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Jeep, Ram and many more you can be sure to find one that perfectly suits your taste and needs!

So What is the Difference Between SUV Models?

Luxury SUV, Crossover, Traditional SUV – What exactly does this all mean? Let’s break it down in an easy to understand list.

Traditional: These are your most basic SUVs and are the most commonly seen on our roads. They are the most affordable models out there, offering plenty of cargo and passenger space and provide all the benefits you would expect from an SUV model. Offering 4WD shifting makes it easier to access tougher roads then your everyday sedan can not.

Luxury: You know these already. The term is a bit of a vague one, but generally it’s used to describe anything above the average SUV or Crossover. These often come with added features like engine performance upgrades, stronger braking systems, elaborate wooden dashboards, leather heated chairs and top tier sound systems. For the additional price they can also offer increased safety features like a backing camera system, collision avoidance systems and such which can come in handy in a variety of situations.

Crossover: These are usually the best cars for younger professionals, especially those in the city. A Crossover is a smaller SUV, usually with two doors, but still gives plenty of room and has some extra luxury features that really makes it feel high end. Great for someone who doesn’t need all the space you can get from an SUV or Crossover but still needs some of the advantages they come with.2

Okay Okay… I know what an SUV is – I just want to SAVE MONEY!

Well here is the best part, a quick search online can reveal HUGE discounts on your favourite SUV models directly off the showroom floor if you know where to look.

Examples of cheap 2020 SUV deals include the Ford Explorer 2020 for just $38,000 in RED or a Nissan Armada 2020 for only $80,000! Use this guide to save money on your new SUV!

These deals are just a few of many that can be found online, with dealers across the country desperate to shift their stock and make some extra cash before moving the cars back to the industry graveyard! There has simply never been a better time to buy a new SUV in 2021.


What to look out for when picking the right SUV for you?

When looking for the right SUV, you should always consider the following:

Safety: Of course, you should always look for a safe vehicle. That’s the most important thing! Get a car that will protect you and your family in case of emergency. Check out your intended cars safety rating online.

Fuel Economy: If you’re going to drive a big SUV, doesn’t make much sense to get one that’s not fuel-efficient. You don’t want to end up paying more at the pump due to your choice in vehicle. Make sure the model you select has good reviews when it comes to gas mileage.

Cargo: You should be looking at how much cargo space the vehicle you choose has. Do you need a lot of space for moving big items? Or do you just need something small enough to fit yourself and a few bags of groceries?

Performance: For the most part, traditional SUVs are more fuel-efficient. However, some people are willing to pay extra for a performance SUV that has better handling and more speed.3

Act Now to Save Big With A Simple Online Search!

So if you’ve been thinking about purchasing an SUV for yourself, or your family its important to act now and you can save tremendous amounts of money that you could use elsewhere. These rates won’t be available forever so start searching online now to find your best local deal on the dream SUV you’ve always wanted.


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