When it comes to smooth and supple skin we tend to overlook one of the biggest factors. Often rushing for expensive skin care creams we could simply change our diet to have the biggest affect on our skins appearance. As we age its important to take note of the specific superfoods for anti ageing and overall health. To view the most up to date research on the best foods for ageing skin try a simple online search.

foods for senior skincare

Slowdown The Ageing Process

Every single one of us human beings goes through the process of ageing as our bodily systems begin to deteriorate. This is a normal evolutionary process but there is many ways you can slow this down. In the modern world many people rush to get expensive skin creams and lotions not realising the kitchen starts your beauty. The skin is often thought of as a mirror of our internal body so radiant, smooth skin is a choice of what we feed ourselves. There are factual certified ways to slow down ageing with nutrition so lets dive in and look at how you can turn the clock back.

Overlooking Glycine In Modern Diets

Glycine is a natural amino acid that occurs in foods we eat everyday. Amino acids are nothing scary they’re essentially the building blocks inside proteins and glycine is one of the most important. In the modern diet we have shifted our food sources from foods we ate centuries ago and this can cause havoc on our wellbeing. Glycine is used in many functions in our body but specifically in the production of collagen. Research has now shown that we’re not getting anywhere near enough glycine to keep our skin soft and smooth.1 You can help to build collagen in your skin by increasing your glycine.

What Are Glycine Rich Foods?

Glycine is found in many foods that we eat but its found in highest quantities in animal based foods. Gelatin is also a good source of glycine and that’s because gelatin is a food derived from hydrolyzed collagen. Other rich sources of glycine are chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna, halibut, tilapia, beef, buffalo, oysters.2 One of the easiest ways to get enough glycine is drinking bone broth. This ancient superfood is so full of vitamins and minerals it should be used for many medicinals purposes and not just for anti ageing skin.3 It is important to note that the skin on chicken is very rich in glycine so if you use free range chicken in an air fryer or oven you can enjoy crispy chicken thats great for your skin health.

Eat These 11 Foods For Healthy Ageless Skin

So if you want to reverse the clock for your ageing and keep soft and smooth skin diet is the best way forward. Focusing on the following foods each week can help to dramatically alter your bodies cellular productions.

  • blueberries, avocados, salmon
  • liver, brazil nuts, chicken,
  • bone broths, carrots, olive oil
  • walnuts, red meat

Vitamin E Rich Foods

Vitamin E plays a significant role in the health of our skin so getting enough of it daily is vital. Foods high in vitamin E include avocados, fish, almonds, walnuts, red bell peppers, mango, coconut meat, coconut oil, olive oil, kiwi fruit and abalone.4 Vitamin E also helps to keep our vision healthy which is important as we age.

Vitamin A or BetaCarotenes For Radiant Health

Vitamin A and BetaCarotenes are pillar compounds for skin health as they are used in the formulation of skin tissue. Not only does it help to create new skin but these vitamins and compounds help to alleviate disease and boost immune health which is important for modern society. Most of the vitamin A we get comes from eating foods rich in beta carotenes which are powerful antioxidants. These are mostly found in carrots, liver, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, salmon, mackerel, butter, kale, swiss chard and pumpkin.

Copper and Selenium Add Shine

Another overlooked mineral in the process of ageing is copper and selenium. These foods play roles in immunity and can even combat seasonal allergies. Brazil nuts are one of the highest selenium containing foods on the planet and just 3 of these nuts a day covers your daily requirement.5 We suggest eating a handful of brazil nuts once a week to cover your selenium required intake. For copper there is not many better foods than liver, we know it doesn’t taste too great but it is a true superfood.

Foods To Stay Away From For Smooth Skin

Now you don’t have to go stop eating these foods for the rest of your life but moderation is key. Inflammation is one of the key processes in our body that can make our skin age much faster.6 Inflammatory foods like processed meats, high sugar foods, high fructose corn syrup, white bread can cause us to age much faster. If you’re going to eat bread try and get sourdough varieties that come with additional probiotics. When drinking sodas opt for sugar free versions as the unnecessary sugars will cause wrinkles all over your body.

The Best Foods For Skin Health

So if you want to enjoy a many more years of healthy skin eating foods like this is important. There is new research being carried out everyday that indicates what we should be eating. For more information on how you can get soft and smooth skin try an online search.

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